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Hello! I love this game alot, and hope you continue the amazing work!

Hello. Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad to hear you like the game! I'm still working hard on the new update - I can hardly wait for the this new release as well! :)

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You just got my hopes up! And by the way, if this amazing piece of game play continues to be worked on i might just become a Patreon! I love i quality games such as these where creators like you put your love and effort in the game and the people.

Yes, it's a great feeling to be able express myself in a medium like this. The developing process can be very tedious at the times (especially, when you have to replay the same scene over and over to fix the bugs or get the right "vibe"), but overall, it's a fantastic experience to work on my own game, that features my own characters. Thank you for support!

I hope you will continue the work. Because I personally liked it so much.

Hello, Vaangrey! Thank you for playing the game. I'm very happy to hear that you enjoy it.

Could you make skipping faster cause it takes way to long to skip dialogue

At the moment I'm not sure if it's possible, but I'll definitely take a look in the game code and try to crank it up. Which version of the game are you playing btw? (Desktop or Android?)


Android version is still broken. (At least for me it is)


Hello. I would love to help, but I would need the details about this issue. Could you tell me more about it?


Whenever I try to open the game my screen turns back and then there's yellow and white text on the screen that says "TypeError undefined in not a function"


Thank you for the reply. There actually is one solution I could try out to implement in the upcoming update - hopefully that will solve the problem.

I wish you good luck with your solution, and thank you for replying also!

Hello again. The new build just got released - I implemented a code that might fix the issue you mention before. Please, let me know if the game now works properly on your end.

When will the next update come out. And l love the game

Hello again! The next public update should arrive in the first half of July - I've got a bit delayed due to some IRL stuff, but I'm working on the game pretty much everyday now to get it done ASAP. Please stay tuned :)

Thanks and keep up the good work 😊

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Hi! Due to the fact that I had nothing to do, I made some questions that could be added to the new FAQ:

1. Will the Game be paid or free?

2(?). (if the game is free)Will the gallery be available in the final build of the game?

3. Why was this game made through RPG Maker?

4. Kegar is a lion or monkey?

5. (this question has nothing to do with the game) Will you have any other visual novels besides After Years?

6. Will there be other languages in the game? If so, can I add translation to the game and how do I do it?

Thank you for the list, Walter! I'll work on it soon, and will let you know in another comment when it's ready.

Hi! I have a question:... Can I create a game page (it will only be in Russian) on the FANDOM Wiki? I've just never done anything like this, which is why I'm asking for permission)

Sure thing! Thank you for spreading the word about the game.

Thanks! See also my comment with ideas for the game. Maybe you will like something and add it to the game

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I have no more questions for this game, it is great, but I have ideas that can improve the game for the better:

1. Could be improved setup of the game. For example, you could add the function: "Skip only visible/all". I would like to ask you to add the function "Enable/disable nswf", I think this is a useful function
2. It would be possible to simplify the management of phones. For example, you can add the "back" button when you go to settings and credits. (When I first played After Years, I didn't know how to exit the settings, and I had to re-enter the game)

3. It would be possible to add buttons next to the dialogues of the characters. For example, you could add a "settings" button and a "return to main menu" button. Also the "skip" and "back" buttons
4. I would like that when Welkin spoke next to his dialogues appeared his sprite

5. For example, you can add a function for selecting the name of the main character
Phew... Well, that's it. I hope I didn't make any errors in the text    (●´⌓`●)

Let me remind you that these are just my ideas! I won't be upset if you refuse to add them to the game

Edit: I forgot something. Can you add information about Welkin on the project page in the Characters section?

I completely agree with your ideas

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Thank you for such in-depth analysis, Walter!

At the moment, Welkin's portrait and a function to disable NSFW are the only two features I could easily implement (but at the cost of story development). At some point, I will ask the patrons about these and let them vote to decide.

As for the other functions like "skip seen" or UI buttons - the engine I use to create the game doesn't support such things by default, and even the community plugins doesn't always works like intended. Sadly, the bigger this project gets, the more I start to regret for not sticking with Ren'Py like everyone else. But becasuse it's too late now to move the project on the new engine, I have to continue with what I have.

And yes, I will probably add Welkin's character profile info at some point too (I will have to draw his sprite first, though).

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Um ... What? This game was made through RPG Maker?! I have two more questions: how and why?

To be honest, I'm in shock after I found out that this game was made through RPG Maker. When did it become possible to make visual novels through RPG Maker?
And why did you even start making a game through RPG Maker?

Edit: And one more question... Do I need an RPG Maker for the future fan translation of the game?

Yeah, it is possible to make a VN-like game, but you are limited in the most basic features like 'skip seen text' or 'go back'. But thanks to the community plugins, I managed to implement stuff like 'hide ui' or 'message log' so in the end it's not that bad.

There's two reasons why I decided to stick with the engine: 1) I already own my copy and 2) I knew this engine for a very long time, so I didn't have to learn anything new - I could just jump in and start to make a game without any issues.

As for the fan translation - no, you don't need to own your copy of RPG Maker - all the text from the game is stored in an external file that can be edit in 'notepad++' or a similar program.

I'm absolutely loving the story! And I love Angus, Rowley and Kegar so much! I'm so looking forward to the next update ^ω^

Hello! Thank you for playing the game and for your kind words - I'm absolutely overjoyed to hear that you like both the characters and the story.

Hi again, I would like to ask one more question: will there be a FAQ? Just suddenly people will ask the same questions)

YES, omg, I totally forgot about making a new FAQ on the project page - thank you for reminding me about it. If you have any other questions realted to the project, please write them down here - I'll answer shortly.

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I'm probably stupid, but I can't find the FAQ. I've already searched everywhere but I couldn't find it. Can you give a link to the project page?

Thank you in advance

Edit: I found the FAQ, but it still doesn't exist)

Oh, no no - the FAQ page is still under construction and it's gonna be posted here: I just said, that you reminded that I still need to update it, and at the same time I asked you if you have some other questions related to the game (apart from the fan-translation matter you mention before). Sorry for the confusion.

I loved the game, and his art is very well made and cute and Rowley ended up being my favorite because he is the kind of guy I like with a rough and stout appearance, I adore a lot and I am looking forward to the next updates. 😻✨🌈

Hello HidWold! Thank you for playing the game and writing the comment - I'm delighted to hear that you enjoy my work.

And if you like Rowley, then definitely stay tuned for the upcoming public update! ;)

When I play the game sometimes and I tap the screen to get to the next scene the screen goes black and brings me back to the main menu

Hello. Thank you for contacting me in regard to this issue.

- Does the problem you described is related to the Android version or PC/Desktop?

- [if Android] When the screen goes black and returns to the main menu - does it shows the artwork of the characters? (like the first time when you boot the game?)

Yes it is the Android version and it does show artwork of the main characters with the start button it's happened only a couple times but it's a bit irritating when I have to go through things I've already done when I forget to save

Thank you for the reply. I'm still unsure what might be the problem. If I may ask, what exact phone model do you use?

Hello, Tyrving! I would like to ask one question: Will there be other languages in the game? I understand that you don't develop the game every day, that it's just your hobby(for now), but you can let your fans translate it into another language

You can, for example, upload a file with dialogs to Twitter, and then people will have to translate English into any other language. Then you will be given an edited file and you will put it in the game (why did you read it if it is nonsense?)
I would like to see a Russian in the game
(Sorry if there are errors in the text. I repeat, I am from Russia)

Heya, Walter. Yes, it is possible, and I would love to see the game being translated to the other languages, however right now, with the script still being under construction, it will be a difficult task to both implement and follow all the changes. It is a thing on my 'to do' list, but I can't promise it will be coming soon. Thank you for your comment! Cheers from Poland.

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Okay, I'll wait. I immediately had two questions(also related with translation):

1. The game will be able to translate only your patrons?
2. Can I translate through my phone? Yes, I have an ancient laptop, but I rarely use it
If you need translators in the future, write then, I will be happy to help(it will be sad if I can't translate throught phone...)
Also do a FAQ so that less questions are asked (◔‿◔)
(sorry if I ask too many questions ಥ‿ಥ)

I love the game so far good job ❤❤

Hello. I'm pleased to hear it. Thank you for playing the game!

Good game. Slightly surreal while listening to "Put your head on my shoulder" at times, but good.


Hello! Thank you for playing the game. I would be happy to hear your opinion on that matter. Was there another scene/dialogue line that felt out of place to you? And why do you think these didn't feel genuine?

NONONONO Sorry, I didn't mean it like that!!!!

Sorry, I've wrote this when it was around 3am for me, stressing about work, not sleeping and vibing a big mood, like you do! No scene felt out of place or ingenuine, but I wrote this at the locker scene or the hot tub scene, I think, linking the scene and the song in a way that gave 3am me a moment. I did like the game and felt pretty involved in it too. Great job and I can't wait to see the next installment.


I see. I'm glad to hear it, then. Thank you for writing back, I really appreciate it!


hey i really enjoyed the new update!! but also when is the next update going to come out


Hello again! I'm happy to hear you like the new content! As for the next public update, I can't say for sure, but I will be aiming for a release sometime by the end of next month (hopefully).

Uh... were this build and the previous build written by completely different people? They are... not similar at all. It's like a totally different game. And I'm *really* confused by being able to skip sections in a nonlinear game, but then again, the second part is... entirely linear, which is the most significant difference I'm noticing, but the entire writing style feels different.

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Hey MarloweC! The difference in the writing style is the result of my extended break from the game development - it's been about 2 years between these updates and my english language vocabulary is a bit wider now.

did the next update come out yet or is it going to come out tomorrow?

Hello, zackyp. The game just got updated. I hope you will enjoy the new content.

I played the game on my pc and I was planning to continue the game on my phone, but this happens when I opened the app

I was very upset that I cannot run the app on my phone :(

I'm sorry to hear about the problem. Perhaps you could tell me more about it? What exact phone do you use? Do you use any software like anty-virus that could block the application? (the game is based on a html5 code and uses internet browser for playback). How exactly did you install the game on your phone step by step?

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I use a Huawei Nova 2 lite, and the phone comes with an anti-virus installed already so I did not bother downloading other softwares. And I installed the app in Goggle Chrome, when it finished downloading I just click on it and install, there's no problem when I'm installing it, but when I opened the app the error showed. Guess Ill just have to play at my pc, but overall the game is impressive.

I can't open the macOS version, it doesn't work :(

Hello, Frankinf. Could you please tell me more about the problem? What and when it exactly happens? Does the OS returns any kind of error code?


It's when I click the game icon to open it. It pops up a message that says "The application cannot be open" but no error code or anything that's why I don't know if it could be because of my Mac or the OS system. 

5 minutes in and I hear the music from good ol' Morenatsu. Love that you put that in there.


Yes! These songs were composed by a japanese group named Sentive - back in 2016 when I was about to release my first demo, I had my doubts if it's such a good idea to use any of the tracks that were featured in (already) legendary Morenatsu. Today in 2020, I think these melodies actually helps to intensify that touch of nostalgia, especially if you consider that the core story of both games is nearly identical (spending time with an old friends).

when will the next update be?

The new update will be released by the end of this month.

Your Artwork is so cute. I like the way Angus act to the Welkins it's look so cute. If Full games coming I will play his route on first play.  

Hello, Quilllavy. Thank you for playing the game. I'm happy to hear you like the artworks and the characters. Angus can be a bit too forward sometimes, but deep down, he's a good guy :)

Ok, surprisingly fun little visual novel, can't wait for an update, keep up the great work, :D!


Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you enjoy the game.

I wish I could help you with a method other than a credit card

Hello Loland, sorry for the late reply. If you like the game, then please spread the word about it - this will also help it a lot, especially since it's still a new project in the community. And again, thank you for playing!

look forward to,I can't wait. 
Deleted post

Hey, Mukjz! I'm happy to hear that you like so many aspects of the game. And yes, I agree that Kegar's appearance is a bit unusual, but that's exactly how I wanted him to be - a character who stands out from the crowd.

Also, thank you for your feedback in regard to Android build. I've already managed to make some changes related to the font size and it should be easier to move in the menus now. This improved UI will be the part of the next release.

Oh, and thanks for pointing out that typo - it's fixed now! Cheers!

Why not just make him a monkey then why a lion when he doesn't look remotely like one? Genuine curiosity not bashing.

It took me a while to find the answer. The thing is, Kegar used to be a bit more lion-like, but over the years I slightly altered his appearance, to make him look more unique. As for today, the only reason I can think of to defend him as a lion is his muzzle and nose - these still fits more a feline character, rather than the monkey (at least in my honest opinion). However, I totally understand your PoV and see where it's coming from. *identity crisis intensifies*

you could say he's a monkey lion hybrid

I'm a little confused, in this game is there an option to choose one of the three to have a special feeling?

Deleted post

Hello, Oshika. Yes, the game is planned to have a three routes, however, just like Mukjz said, we haven't reached yet to the point in the story where our protagonist makes his mind about his love interest. But once we reach said point, the game will change it focus and will show us more scenes about the chosen character.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hello, AK74. Good news - the Android build just got released! I would appreciate your feedback how the game performs in it mobile version. Please, enjoy!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey, I saw someone who recommended making a discord server for this vn. I could do that for you so that you don't have to stress out about it, it would really be no trouble to me since I've made discord servers before.

here's the link, I just made it but it should suffice for now 

Thank you kindly.

Will there be a Android version? I would love to play it but I don't have a computer

Hi! The Android version is on the way, but it still requires some testing. It should be available this month though, so please stay tuned.

Oh wow, I did not expect to see this here!

Welcome back! Super excited to see this game being developed again :D!


Surprise! Thank you for your warm welcome.

Hi there! Super excited to see this here! I remember playing it a long time ago. Was really disappointed when I didn't see any updates on it for some time. Can't wait to see where it goes! :D


Hello Jsien. Thank you for playing the game! Yes, it's been a long break, but here we are again... after years :)

Will there be an android version

Hi, Loland. Yes, I've just finished testing on the Android platform and the game runs well. However, I will have to modify the game UI first, to make the menu controls easier on the smaller screens. If everything will go smooth, I will include Android version in the next public update.

This is really good, i'll def save up some money and support your project! :D


Hello. Thank you for playing the game and for helping me out. I really appreciate it!


If i have to be honest...

I kinda fell in love with your characters! Continue doing great work! :D

ok so i just played it :)
im really exctited about the future updates ! 
keep up the good work and i´d suggest making a discord server ;)


Thank you for playing the game, I'm glad you like it. Also, thank you for the suggestion about the Discord server - once things settle down I will look up to it.


Congratulation that you've uploaded this VN at
but... I can't play this VN at Mac ver.
When I start this VN, game crashes it soon =_=;

Hey, Turvey. I'm very sorry to hear about the problem. Does the application returns any kind of error message? When exactly does the crash happens?

I'll send you with Twitter DM

I can't save game on mac version ;-;

Hello. Could you please tell me more about this issue? Is there an error message of any kind?

I've tried to press save game on a slot, but nothing recorded

Hello again. I think I know where there problem is, but since I don't own Mac computer, I can't test it for myself. Long story short, it turns out that the MacOS doesn't allow the game to create a folder for the save files. It should work properly when you manually create a "save" folder and edit it permissions (requires administrator credentials) allowing it to "read/write/edit". The save folder should be created in:\Contents\Resources\app.nw\"here"

(it's where folders "audio","data","fonts" etc. are also stored ).

Can I please ask you to try out this solution and let me know if it worked out?

Alright, I've tried what you need me to do already but still not work. and I'm still not sure, where  the location you need to change the permission so I've check up it's already read/write and that's the most permission would have on mac too.

hope this could help ^ ^


I'm so glad that the game is not abandoned, it's got great potential. Keep it up!


Thank you, I will!


wasnt this game once on itch ?  and how much play time is there so far ? ^^ 


Hello! No, this is the first time I'm uploading it here on itch (previously, the game was available only on GameJolt).  Average play time should be around 1,5h.

havent played it yet tho the drawing looks nice 
ill hop into it soon :)

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