After Years is an adult themed Visual Novel that features kemono (furry) characters.

The story revolves around Welkin – a young wolf who after six years finally reunites with his childhood friends during late, summer vacations.

Spend a week in the peaceful, seaside town of Rochelle and follow Welkin, who wants to make up for lost time with his friends. Make decisions that will affect the bonds between him and his three companions, with the potential of starting a romantic relationship. Love knows no bounds.

Content Warning

This game contains nudity and sexual themes between male characters and is intended for mature audiences only [+18].

Patreon Project

If you enjoy the game, please consider supporting its development by becoming a Patron.  Please click here to visit my Patreon page.

Important Notices & Known Issues

- This build represents a work in progress and may differ from the final product.

- The desktop version doesn't transfer save files between the releases, however, players will always have the option to input dialogue choices and continue from previous builds upon start up.

- If you're experiencing problems with the MacOS version of the game (unable to save the progress, or run the application), please try out the Web-Browser Version.

External Links

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(506 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAdult, Bara, Furry, Gay, kemono, LGBT, NSFW, Romance, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Touchscreen
LinksHomepage, Patreon, Twitter


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After Years v.0.23.0 (Windows) 238 MB
After Years v.0.23.0 (Linux) 243 MB
After Years v.0.23.0 (MacOS) 239 MB
After Years v.0.23.0 (Android) 250 MB

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Does this game support iOS or no? I can’t get past the title screen where “New Game” continuously flashes no matter what I do.

I've never tested it on iOS, but in theory, the Web-browser version should work on all the devices. Just make sure to use Chrome as your browser for the best compatibity.

Hitting the New Game button doesn’t seem to work for me, on both this version and the Web-Browser version.

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Some of these comments here are killing me, but i can agree on that since im jealous at Welkin with Angus when that should have been ME and ANGUS hanging out and by hanging out i mean sucking his #### treating it like my breakfast,lunch and dinner then after that i'll be sitting on it all day filling me up until i can't see straight anymore .


Is the only decision you can make the one with angus going into the pool or going with kegar? I feel like there should be more decsions


Welkins literally has the perfect ass 


K but hear me out, sub rowley.


Nah nah nah nah

I want Rowley to spread my [Redacted] slowly and make sweet, sweet love to my [Redacted] all night long, while also [Redacted] [Redacted] [Redacted] telling me how much he loves me and I'll take his big, juicy [Redacted] inside my [Redacted] with full pleasure




oh my



Seconded. Lots of these games always just have the protagonist be submissive constantly. It’s up to whoever makes it for sure, but I like it best when this solution is determined by player choice (and even better if the earlier decision making factors into how your character chooses, so it feels built up). That way if two people want a different situation, they can both get the result they wanted. 


Ngl, this is how it should be most of the time, I think that determined roles should be only there if it's relevant for the story or the personality of a character.


Also, by leaving the choice to the player you can make them both satisfied and more immersed with the story in my opinion


Something's been bothering me about after Years it's a little t h i n g but I was going back through Angus the other day because I really miss him and w e l together and I couldn't quite put my finger on it but something felt off about the dream sequence other than that absolutely positively amazing I really hope and Angus will get an update soon but I know for r o w is taking priority and I understand

there’s a slight problem..

Hello, sorry to hear about the problem. Which device are you using? And which version of the game have you played? (Android? Web-Browser?)

I’m using a computer with a web browser, I tried using a mobile, but the same thing happened

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If you're reading on a computer, press F3 - the window will resize to fit in your screen.

Ok, thank you!


Will there be an update or the game done for? :(


The creator (to my knowledge) is still working on it, he's just never really been timely about releasing public builds. His patrons are usually 2 or 3 builds ahead, and the public only gets an update every couple months.


Hello, sorry for the late reply.

Just as Static said, lately, I've been updating the game here on less frequent, but because of that the new public builds are bigger. You can see the actual progress (the new builds and their release dates) in the changelog.


Hey tyrving I know another update probably won't happen this year but I just wanted to say I am starting to miss the characters throughout the many visual novels I read I've only made real connections with a hand ful of characters welkin is exactly one of them and I know I've said this before but your writing for Angus definitely made me feel like they had more of a connection than the other two it's weird usually I only make connections with the love interest in visual novels so again it is really refreshing to make a connection with the protagonist because I've only made one of the connection with a protagonist fully before well partially with others


yea stories like this one,echo project games,burrow,morenatsu,etc you form connections on a different level than others

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Hey! Sorry for such a late reply - the game just got updated.

I'm happy to hear you like Welkin so much. Usually, VNs put readers in the shoes of a blank-slate protagonist, or someone we're supposed to pretend we're playing as, but with Welkin, I always wanted him to be his own character, with a personality different from the other three.

Sometimes I think, it would be cool to see a chapter (or maybe a short side game?) from a perspective of some other character, so we could interact with Welkin as well :-)

yeah it's no problem I just talk with you on Twitter kind of sad but I understand that you want to work r o w Moore which I completely understand that you want to work on only one route


Have you considered expanding this project further? like making some merch? I would totally buy an angus plushie.


or a body pillow


I often think about it, but I've never considered it seriously, as I feel that the game isn't popular enough (perhaps, some merch will appear after I finish it, to celebrate the occassion). Angus plushie sounds great :)


Please, tell me that next update it's going to be Angus update. It's been past a year since I've interacted with him :')

Sorry, I know it's been a hot minute, but currently I'm 100% focused on Rowley's route. It's hard to tell how long I'll work on it, before switching back to Angus's (he's next for sure, though).

Oh, okay. Thank you.

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Thank you, Francis! The game is free - always was and always will be.


Glad to see this is back in the making... was really worried when all of a sudden it stopped getting updated for months on end. It's a beautiful visual novel, and it's easing to know that nothing bad happened when the updates randomly stopped.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm updating the game less frequent here on itch now, but the new builds are bigger in return :)

Não consigo salvar o jogo na versão Android


interesting story you have started I don't know why but automatically thought the main character should be with Angus a little disappointed that he only has one day really was going to check out Row  but I could already tell he was going to be like Tyson from password just I guess even though I love characters like that for some reason I just couldn't do it LOL I know you want to finish row first before Angus or Krieger but I hope to see more for Angus eventually LOL keep up the good work


Thank you for playing the game. There's no "one-true route" at the moment, athough, as you noticed, Angus does kinda fit that role :) For me, nothing is yet set in stone, so I guess time will tell.

wow I was not expecting the creator of the visual novel 2 even comment back talk about leaving me speechless a little bit like I said Angus is perfect for well


guess which homosexual finally got to find time to play gay visual novels

Anyways- I really loved the new update haha, Not much to comment on except that it was overall a fun update and it was already perfect as it is ^^

Finally got to read so well deserved ass spanking. it's nice to see Angus and Kegar becoming "Really good friends" (?) and how we got more backstory content for welkin our little cinnamon boi hehe
I've taken a better liking to Rowley now haha, Kegar's still my favorite though

finally, thanks again for the new update Ty! remember to take rests every now and then and goo luck on the future updates!

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Thanks for checking out the new update, Ace! :3


you're welcome TY! hehe

Would it work if i transferred my old saves into the new version?

It should work if the save is from recent version (2,3 demos before the current one). I don't reccomend doing it, but if you do, please let me know how it went :-)

The option I do reccomend, however, is starting the game via "New Game" and then selecting "Continue from a specific point in the story" and then skipping from there to where you were the last time.


I copy pasted the files from the save folder from the older version and it opened them and I was able to play with no issues so far.

Thank you for letting me know about it, I'm happy to hear it.

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The android app is soo slow and it crashes from time to time--

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Where is the save file located at on Android? What is the name? Not in Android/data folders... any help would be appreciated 

Hey, as far as I know due to the nature of the engine and how it handles Android version of the game (it's basically a web-browser game in a wrapper) the saves are stored Chrome's (?) root folders and are not accessible in a normal way.

If you lost your saves, simply start the game via "New Game" and then select "Continue from a specific point in the story" - you can choose either a specific Day, or the moment when the story splits into character routes.

I was just wanting to create a back/potentially move to pc. But I don't want to start over ahaha. But is it possible to access with another app maybe?

Is it me or does that mac version not work?

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Hey, if you're experiencing problems with the MacOS version of the game (unable to save the progress, or run the application), please try out the Web-Browser Version.

Is day 3 for all the routes all done or is there some stuff that still needs to be added in?

Yes, day3 is complete for every character.


After two days being away, I was finally able to play the new update!

haha seriously didn't expect THAT much, a surprise for sure but a welcomed one at that.

was expecting the "paint me like one of your French girls" reference but not too down about it, so many illustrations! it was a treat reading this new update about my favorite lion, was so overjoyed when IT finally happened

thank you for blessing me with this master piece haha, I loved very moment and hope to return for more in the future

your friend


Hey, Ace. I'm glad you liked the new update. It took me a while to write that scene, and fun fact, it actally got slightly expanded since it's initial patreon release.


ooh neat, Thanks for all your hard work TY! and once again, I love the VN haha

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lol, idk how to fix, I'm too dumb

Edit: nvm I fixed it


Damn.  Arthur I can be your master whenever you want. You cute, fluffy bear. Polar Bear Emoji on Samsung Phones


Cute bear sticker! 8)

I have tried so more than 38 times so far to get it on my Mac and I tried everything I think of it's still not letting me play it it just keeps booting me off or said you wanted to try open again and if I do put again it keeps getting a loop of do you want to try open again and again the way it looks it lo

- If you're experiencing problems with the MacOS version of the game (unable to save the progress, or run the application), please try out the Web-Browser Version

I just tried it and I'm having trouble because of some half of words get cut off for the website version 

With monitor aspect ratios other than 16:9, itch's web player probably won't scale and/or fit the viewport properly.

Try to hit F3 during the gameplay - the game should change the display size to fit in your screen.


Oh cool, it does do that. Fits perfectly fine, thanks.

when's the next update? 

The next public update (Kegar's last part of Day3) should arrive in about a week from now (there's some proofreading to do).


Hope to see Arthur route someday..


Who knows, maybe one day? :)

A little Fun Fact!

You can find the same BGM in this update (v.0.18.0) in the game called Muse Dash at "Achievement" section in the game setting.

I accidentally found it a couple of minutes ago and I feel "Maybe it'll be something fun to share" 😅

Oh, yeah, it is! The BGM was composed by a group MusMus. I love their stuff- these are the most used tracks in my game.

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Does anyone know what's the problem with the Mac version of the game because I can't play it every time I downloaded the game 


Uhhh mating press?? 


when's the next angus update?


It's hard to tell at the moment, because I'm still fully focused on Rowley's route (the next public update will be for Kegar, then there are be two for Rowley).

(1 edit)

Is it just me that experiences the lag or rather slow?

I've played both PC and Android and I haven't encounter any problem.

Try enabling "FPS Synch" in options menu - it should help if your display is set below 60hz, or if the game is not rendering in 60fps.

i've enabled it-- it's not that slow anymore but kinda laggy

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So… wow! I like to review this VN, but let me just speak my mind for now…

Though the art seems out of place, I recommend anyone to try it at least. I do really think it will be worth your time.

Update 05/06/2022: And sorry for judging this game for how the art looked instead of the content. I should know better since I had found hidden gems thanks to stopping my self from judging the art of a VN. One of those gems is this one.


I have to say, I Never had fun reading a VN so far. Not only that, but I did cry on others but not like this one, I have smiled like a dumb boy on this one, but… Yea, this one really feels like home. I love the causality of characters feelings, actually they are go getters and actually enjoyed their conversations. I was doing Rowley Route it was… wonderful, I know maybe people choose Angus for been open but for some reason It felt normal to let it go with Kegar. Likewise, I did not expect that Kegar had feelings for Angus. This project actually deserves to have more.

Update 05/06/2022: For any doubt of why I said Never is because although I have been reading VN’s not all of them make the connection of friendship with the reader. This one had one of the closest warms to my heart. Feeling like They were my actual friends. That connection only happened now after some time around 3 times. At this moment, I have read… 34 VN’s and still counting more. I have yet to review most of them, so I do know how much a VN can add to make a reader feel the emotions in words. But so far only a few make the connection of friendship with the reader.

I honestly though Rowley was the peoples favorite


Loved the new update, but as a polar bear lover am hoping there might be a route from the Arthur in future. Love the Polar Bear character.

(1 edit) (+2)


I LOVE the new update! it was so fun reading all of it and it was sooo worth the wait.

although, I Almost lost my shit by this exact scene right here hahahaha

I love how Kegar is so protective of our little cinnamon roll, I kinda thought he was just all happy go lucky, so this surprised me a bit, the music was so relaxing, especially after a long day so I really appreciate it, I felt like I was on cloud nine grinning from ear to ear, and the writing is so good, It reminds me of what happened in the last Kegar update without having to replay through it all, (Although, I did replay just so I could see a certain cg again haha) and the sass this update really lifts the mood.

over-all, I love this new update for the chonky lion, You really outdone yourself tyrving! so many things I didn't expect made this a better experience, Keep up the good work and Ill be waiting fort the new update hehe

but then again, remember to take breaks every now and then, as always, In best regards

-Ace Ayasaki

I forgot to mention about the incorrect names aarthur said which mas me laugh histerically, hahaha


Yay, New Kegar update *w*

sooooo hyped for this new one, I'm gonna play it later hahaha, Once again thanks for this Tyrving!! ^^


I love this game's soundtrack

hi!, I'm so exited for the upcoming build, hope you're doing well and remember to  rest well

also, I tried the links so I can download the music, but for some reason they don't work on the android version, so I had to download it via Windows, just sayin

Hello Tyrving, I hope you're doing well and good.

I would like to ask you about if the soundtracks are available to be downloaded. I love this game as much as the soundtracks used. The music is very chill and great. Thank you.


Hello. Thank you, I'm okay - doing my best to stay calm about the situation here in the eastern Europe, and to keep my usual work schedlue.

As for your question: all the songs used in the game can be downloaded for free from their respective sites (these are listed in the in-game credits page with the links). Now, while I don't list the specific songs I'm using, in most cases I keep their original file names, so it should be easy to find them. The one exception are the songs from RPG Maker engine - these comes in bundle with the engine and can be only used in RPG Maker games, thus, you won't be able to find them through normal means.

I know that looking for these specific music files might be a hassle, but I'm sure that while doing it you will be able to find even more chill songs (also, these artists surely deserve our clicks and boosted traffic on their sites :))

If there will be a certain song or two that you will have difficulty to find, feel free wrote me a new reply - I'll be happy to help you with the search.


So I haven't checked itch for a while and hey! What do you know? Kegar already has a route! Imma just download the game and I'll see how Welkin handles the cute lion. Great game, thanks!(^ω^)

Hey~! Thank you for playing to game! I hope you enjoed the story so far - more Kegar content is on the way.

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