New Release: Public Build 0.21.0 (Rowley update)

Hey everyone! A new update is here!

This build features content from both v.0.20.0 and v.0.21.0 that were previously available only for the patrons.

Also, starting today, the Web-Browser version is now available on the main page instead of a side one.

What's new:

  • Rowley's route update (Day4, part 1 + part 2)

And as always, please keep in mind:

  • Android version:

For the best experience on the mobiles, please make sure you have installed and updated Chrome.

  • MacOS version:

If you're experiencing problems with the MacOS version of the game (unable to save the progress, or run the application), please try out the Web-Browser Version.

  • Web-Browser version:

1) I highly recommend running the game in Chrome or Firefox - the former should work the best in terms of the overall performance. 2) If your display's resolution is lower than 1920x1080, either press [F3] key to change the rendering window size or [F4] key to enter Full Screen mode. Alternatively, you can also access the game settings menu to toggle between Fullscreen or Windowed mode.

Please enjoy~!


After Years v.0.21.0 (Windows) 221 MB
Aug 15, 2022
After Years v.0.21.0 (Linux) 226 MB
Aug 15, 2022
After Years v.0.21.0 (MacOS) 222 MB
Aug 15, 2022
After Years v.0.21.0 (Android) 233 MB
Aug 15, 2022
After Years v.0.21.0 (Web-Browser) Play in browser
Aug 15, 2022

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Rowley update!? Buy buy buy XD and update 22 gonna be another Rowley HOT DAYUM


Finally a Rowley update!