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Some update in the 1st of December?

Or in January 2022?


Hey! The next public update will be released around 10th of December.

Ok :-)

I am playing on a pc that has window 11 and the game at first did not even get to the menu.  After I finally get to the menu it keeps crashing before meeting the friends at the hotel.  I may try the web version but last time I did on my mac it was missized meaning too big for the window screen it played in.

Hey. I'm sorry to hear about the problem. I haven't had a chance to test Windows 11 yet, so I have no idea if it's a well-known problem or something less common.

As for the web-browser version and the issue with fitting the screen size, next time press F3 - it will resize it to fit your resolution (in full screen mode), or to fit in the web-page banner (non-full screen mode).

You should make an discord server for After years ngl


Hello. I'm sorry, but currently, I have no plans opening a server decicated to After Years. If you would like to discuss the game, please, feel free to join instead.

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Hi, I was tried clicking on play "game" or something?  I'm can't play "after years"... I'm still confused about tho. 😔👉🏼👈🏼

Hello. It's a well-known problem (the game works only on older versions of Mac). Please, try out the Web-Browser Version of the game instead.

(just a quick note, this version requires either Chrome or Firefox).

alright, thanks 

I try to install the download, but when I click launch after it has I keep getting an unexpected error and it force closes.  I have attempted to delete and reinstall with the same result.  Anyone else having this issue?

Hello. It's a well-known problem that occurs on the newer versions of MacOS. Please try out the Web-Browser version instead (just a quick note, this version requires either Chrome of Firefox to run properly) :

Where did you get the music for the game? It sounds quite nice :)


Hey. All the artists are listed in the in-game credits page, along with the links to their web-pages =)



Pfft! I love it! Thanks, Ace :)


I love, LOVE, L O V E this game, Especially cuz of more kegar content >:3
buuuuuuuuut.... Spoiler-

Step 1 Lie down
Step 2 Try not to cry
Step 3 Cry all night

this hurts me even with the following dialogue though haha, Literally blanked out for a minute or two, Got up from my chair and screamed into my daki, Welp, ain't too bad, At least I have the backup Childhood friendship trope and BBC hehe~

jk, I will never give up on kegar, Love the game tyrving! keep up the great work, Rest when needed and Love ya! (no homo)

Sincerely, Your hopeless romantic friend, Ace Ayaasaki


Thank you, Ace. I'm glad you enjoyed the new demo and this extra Kegar content. (I'll be working on his route next, just so you know :))


more serotonin hehe



I'm so happy this came out hehe~


oooooooooooo, new update uwu~

Please enjoy~!

I did!~

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sees update.
you know your early when theres no devlog


Yup! The game just updated~! :)


Is this Vn still active?


Hey, Kazuuu. Yes, the game is still in development. The next Patron demo should be available by the end of October, while the next public demo will be released at the beginning of November.

Having a great time with the game so far! Just got through the path branching and am starting on Rowley. The only thing I've noticed is for some reason, which this may be Mac specific, the game seems to be drawing a lot of resources or something. It drains my laptops battery like crazy. Other than that it's a fantastic game and I can't wait to see it finished!

Hello! Thank you for playing and rating the game! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy it so far. As for the battery draining problem, I think it's the engine problem (it's far from being optimized, and even a simple game like this requires some extra power). If you ever find a moment, I would greatly appreciate it if you could test the Web-Browser version of the game and let me know if it behaves the same way.

Here's a link:

(a quick note: this version requires either Chrome or Firefox).

Is a little off set, a few centimiters to the right, and you have to go full screen to read it, otherwise it works perfectly! 


Thak you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! :)

It does still drain a decent amount but it didn't feel as significant as the download version. The download version felt like I was using up my whole battery in about an hour but the web browser only used about 20% or so in about half an hour

Thank you for checking this out. I'm glad to hear that at least this version is less power hungry :)

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Man that was kind of a refreshing ride. It wasn't too lax or loose, it wasn't too hot or tense, it just felt quite natural until the deciding phase of which to pick. I'll be holding back on my rating and comments for now until it gets a bit further but I can see its gonna be as what it is being portrayed "A nice relaxing vacation and catching up to old feelings and blooming new ones between friends. "

Thank you for playing the game, ItazuraKodo. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy it so far =)


Just between you and me tyring, I'm really loving your VN, don't tell echo project that, I really like amicus as much I like Angus and Rowley hehe


*whispers* Okay, It's gonna be or secret~ Thank you for playing the game :D



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I KNEW IT!!!! Kegar is the son of a mafias' leader.... HE HAS A GUN!!!

it's such a good game that make me spend a lot of time to play it. the story line was so good, i can't imagine that angus and Welkin will have a closer relationship its unbelieveable, but it's already done, overall its a good game, good Background too, that's no problem that i find in this game, i still wait for the next update, i'm so excited ^^

Hey, Cornel! Thank you for playing the game and for your kind words. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the story so far =)

its amazing vn. Keep it up. İ know 1.50 is about rowley but when doing angus update i hope he mentions about mcs muscle fetish ^^

Thank you for playing the game, Vampy! :)

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It has been some time since I said I would do a Let's Play of the game, so here it is!  It's not that special but at the very least I can say the game is pretty fun so far!


Hello again, and thank you for the video. I had a lot of fun watching you playing the game for the first time, and listening to your comments on various things. I have to clarify - while Kegar and I have the same surname, he's not my self insert, if that's what you're wondering :-) I also noticed that the game animations like screen fade in/out runs a bit slow on your device - try turning on "Synch Framerate" in the Settings menu, it might help make the experience more fluid. And speking of the Settings menu, there's also an option to censor nudity, which should help while recording NSFW scenes. I hope it will come in handy :)

Thank you once more for the video. I'll be looking forward to see the next part!

Thanks for the the advice I will try the Synch Framerate! I did wonder why there was so much loading but that may be it nwn.

Also I did see the censor nsfw button that will help alot!

Something to complain, Can't open the app in mobile,Anyone knows how to fix it?

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Hey Furri. What exactly happens? Is there any notification/error message? Also, what are the specs of your device and which Android version is it?

oh ye sorry forgot to delete the comment I fixed it with mega lol.sorry for taking ur time. 

No problem, I'm happy to hear that it works now.

Well, how do I set this up on Linux. I need a tutorial or something cause I’m lost.

Hello. I'm sorry to hear about the problem. I'm not familiar with Linux, so I have zero idea about the required configuration for that system. Perhaps you'll be able to easily play the game in your browser? Here a link to a Web-Browser Edition:

Extract the files from "After Years 0.14.0 (Linux).zip" and you should get a folder with the same name. Inside that should be a file titled "Game". This file does not have an extension. Click on this file to execute it.

If the game does not start, you are likely missing a required library. For me it was gconf, and this is almost certainly the case for you as gconf is depreciated and unlikely to come pre-installed. If you are on an arch based distribution, you can get gconf straight from the AUR. If you use some other distro, you will have to check their software repositories. If you think you have gconf installed and it still wont run, I can walk you through running it from terminal. This will allow you to see any errors that are preventing it from opening.

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If you are using ubuntu based linux you need to install libgconf-2-4. This will resolve any issues you are having. It took me a bit of digging to find this. This should be a common lib for most linux distros. Also I'm using the linux version of the itchio app, makes installs a one click deal.

I am new to this game and I just wanted to ask if it's ok to record a let's play of it?

Sure thing! I would love to see a new LP of After Years, so if you do, please leave a link so we could all see it =)

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I have a few predictions on what happened in the new update but I'm not going to say it because it might spoil it for others. I'd wish they Welkin had the guts to do the thing he needs to do, but no. I mean, I would act the same confessing to a crush too so. Ugh! It's so painful seeing Welkin walking around without confessing.

I love this update too! I hope you are having a wonderful time and taking breaks every now and then!

Ooh yeah. Is the new picture of Welkin and Angus a CG in the game because I'm dying for the CG. They look so cute together


Hi! Thank you for playing the game. I'm glad you enjoyed this new update - it was quite a segment to pull off, and I constantly had to rewrite some parts to make it click.

The current cover for the game is an old illustration I drew back in 2017. You can see it in better quality here:

I have to say, I also really like it, so I ~might~ remake it for a CG later on :)

is there a gallery in this game? How to see it ?

Hi WolfBear. The CG Gallery is currently available only in Patreon builds. This might change in the future, but for the time being, it's one of the perks for being a patron :)

ok thanks for the answer

have a server on discord?

Hello. The game doesn't have it own dedicated discord server, but you can discuss it over at "Furry Visual Novels" (I'm a member there as well, and sometimes I join in the conversation).


This game is phenomenal ! I have to congratulate you, Tyrving, for such an amazing work. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next updates, and may as well become a patron ^_^

By the way, since the "0.14 update" seems to finish Angus' 3rd day, will the "0.15 update" begin Rowley's 4th day ? And would we also become intimate with Kegar sometime in the future ?

 Hello, KadanOR. Thank you for playing the game. I'm happy to hear that you like it so much :D

Update 0.15 is still for Rowley's 3rd day. Once we reach the end of his Day3, I will finally jump back on Kegar's route. (And if you like Kegar, then definitely check out Rowley's story as well, cuz he appears in it a lot :))

Is there NSFW content in the new update for Angus?

Yes, the new update features the first sex scene, so be warned (you can now toggle censor for NSFW graphic content in the settings menu, if that will help).



the wait was well worth it ^^

Love the game as always Tyrving :3

remember to rest when you feel tired ok? and once again thank you for this wonderful game!!!!

-Ace Ayasaki

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omggg another angus update


Please enjoy~! :D

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okay... wow. I can say, this is the most amazing visual novel i ever played. everythink is just so well made. Characters, soundtrack, fantastic!I can't wait to see more stuff in Kegar's routine. I adore this Lion 😁


Thank you for your kind words, Peter. I'm pleased to hear that you like so many things about After Years - especially Kegar. His route updates are currenty on hold, but since he appears a lot in the other two stories, I highly recommend to check these as well :)


This is an absolutely wonderful visual novel. The writing is so splendidly done, and the characters themselves feel lifelike and not like hollow husks. The art style is also absolutely gorgeous. I've enjoyed what I've read so far, and definitely will be back for more!


Hello and thank you for the comment - I'm really happy to hear that you like so much about the game. Please stay tuned - the next Angus's update is just around the corner :)

Hey, lovin' the game however I've got a slight hitch. For some reason when I save and exit the game, the save file is missing when I re-launch the game and I have to start a new game every time. Can you help? Thanks

Hey, sorry to hear about the problem. With version of the game you're playing (which platform)? And to clarify, we're talking about the same version of the game (the same build) that keeps deleting save files, yes?

Thanks for getting back to me! I'm playing on Windows and version 0.13.1, and yes it's the same version that keeps deleting the save file.

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Okay, so, here are my thoughts:

- try moving the game folder to a completely different location (to the desktop maybe?),

- try disabling your antivirus software while playing the game (assuming you're using something more refined that the default Windows Defender),

I'm also curious to try somehing out: what would happened if you played the game in widowed mode, while looking at the folder with the saves... and after making a save, you made a manual copy of that file (copy, paste). I wonder if this copied file would also get deleted.

The folder with save files can be found in a path:

After Years 0.13.1 (Win)\www\save

(the game will create this folder after the first initialize)

I'll try these out, thanks for the feedback!

Cool! Regardless, I'm exited for whatever happens and when the next game comes out

Stay tuned, Ace! Despite the next Patreon update (v.0.15) being Rowley's update, I promise there will be some Kegar content in it as well :)


Exited as always to play it, Tyrving! (*´ω`*)

Do you know when the next update is coming?


The next update (both Public and Patreon) should be available by the end of this month - I still have a lot to write, but things go pretty smooth.


Love the story q(≧▽≦q) Just wish there is a gallery for all the CGs.


You can get one by becoming a patron!

i really love this. to be honest i cant wait to see how it goes with Rowley.i cant wait to be able to do more with him and more flustered moment with him. you are definitely are doing an amazing job with this and keep it up. i love it and the art work is pretty great as well


Hello! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy the game. Thank you for taking your time to writing to me and sharing your thoughts on it :-)


Ok...I....LOVE THIS!!!! I gotta say...the art threw me off for just a split second...but the story and the CG's are very cute and sooo relatable.


Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy to hear that the game was enjoyable to you :)

I Just find this Game: Amazing, funny , exciting, little bit scared 🙂 not gonna lie and super fun to play I've played it 3 time's now I hope this NEXT update for Rowley don't take too long and keep up the good work :) 


Hey, Omarbaker! Thank you for playing the game and for the comment! I really appreciate it! :D

Any work around for Mac users.  I am not getting the security issue, just getting a message saying application can not open.  I used to be able to play the original version, can't remember what engine it uses, but with my mac updated and that and certain other engine just don't work.  I have no problems from any of the renpys just most other engines.

Yes, as far as I know the new versions of Mac OS (Catalina and up) dropped the support for some of the engine components. But no worries, there's also a Web-Browser version. It's basically the same experience as the desktop release, so please give it a go (if possible, I recommend using Chrome or Firefox).


author-san really does love cliffhangers, but I'm immune now hahaha. satisfied with the new update :D


*wink wink* ;)

If anyone has problems running the linux build, and the error output is 

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

when run from the terminal, then try installing gconf package. It's no longer included in linux distros for it's been obsolete for 8 years, but the rpgmaker uses it.

Hey, narocleptic. I'm sorry to hear about the error.

I'm not familiar with Linux at all, so I can't help you resolving this issue (hopefully, our community might have the answer).

However, I do find this discussion in forum manjaro about user having a similar issue in Garry's Mod - maybe this will help?

If not, here's a link to the Web-Browser version of the game. It's basically the same experience as the desktop version, so I highly recommend checking it out in meantime :)

No no, I fixed it. My wording was misleading, I guess. As I said, this error is resolved by installing gconf package. I'm on manjaro and the package is available in official repo. The one that is suggested in the manjaro forum is probably fine too, but not everyone might have AUR repos available (Ubuntu won't have it, for example).

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